Hello, I’m Jamie, and my shop is The Carousel Cowgirl! I’ve always loved the beautiful and unique, things that tell a story or mean something personal to those who own them. I originally opened the shop with an eclectic mix of antiques, vintage, and handmade. Although the antiques and vintage don’t have a very big portion of my attention anymore as we no longer have a mortar and brick store, I still do have some great pieces from time to time and love to showcase them! My husband and I had our first baby in 2014 and so I moved more towards handmade jewelry as my “alone time” and creative outlet! I am a very small operation, but I do love crafting special orders designed to mingle well with someone’s personality. Sometimes when I start I’ll have a clear vision of what to create, other times I let the ideas just come and go with the flow. Maybe you’ll find something you can’t live without, or you have a special piece in mind! I’d love to help!

As of April, 2017, I’ve added Chunky Bubblegum Necklaces for ALL AGES to my lineup!  I’m really enjoying making these fun and funky necklaces and hope you will enjoy them too!  They’re great for newborn photo props, monthly pictures, special parties, everyday wear, school spirit wear, and the list goes on!  Find them in the “Bubblegum Necklaces” section of my Etsy shop!

We’ve welcomed baby #2 to our household June 2017, and I’ve quit my full time job to focus on both my family AND The Carousel Cowgirl!  I can’t wait to share my latest makes with you all!

Production Methods:

Fun, Funky, Fabulous Handmade Jewelry, Chunky Bubblegum Necklaces, and Vintage/Repurposed pieces! Find your next favorite wearable here with us! All of our pieces are handmade out of our home in the heart of Texas. I try to use some of the best materials available, and my love for Czech glass is apparent throughout my work. Looking for something in particular? I would LOVE to design something just with you in mind!

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