Welcome to The Carousel Cowgirl!!!

Bear with me as I'm totally new to this Shopify web building thing, but it's going well so far!  Welcome to The Carousel Cowgirl's new home on the web, where I'll be offering current items for sale as well as bead kits for DIY projects!  I'd love to hear from all of you on where you're from and what kinds of things you'd be interested in seeing!  <3

I've slowly started uploading some of the new things I've created, but keep an eye out for more as the next few days progress!

I'm also in the progress of moving into our new location in The Hilltop Cottage in Sunnyvale, TX and I can't WAIT for the grand opening event January 6, 2018!!!  I have LOTS of never before seen bubblegum necklaces, plus a ton of brand new earring creations getting ready that I am so excited to share with local shoppers!

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