Planner Monthly Surprise Pack


A REALLY fun montly subscription for the planner addict!!!

Each box will include items possible including but not limited to:

-Handmade Beaded Pens, Planner Charms, TN Inserts, Stickers from various participating shops, planner clips, beaded bookmarks, etc.

You will receive a box with approximately $25+ worth of wonderful handmade planner items for $18 each month.  This INCLUDES shipping to the United States (We are currently only shipping to the United States at this time, we hope to expand internationally sometime later this year!)

Each surprise box will be handmade, packaged, and shipped by the 15th of the month (First month immediately upon purchase, and the 15th of each subsequent month) Treat yourself or someone you love to a fun surprise in their mailbox each month!

SUBSCRIPTION BOXES SHIP TO UNITED STATES ONLY AT THIS TIME! THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING! Please use the form below to set up your subscription!!! After submission an invoice for recurring billing will be sent to you via PAYPAL. Please use your paypal registered email to sign up for our monthly subscription boxes!